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PV Sportfishing
Unbelievable experience with PV Sportfishing!  
Thanks so very much for an outstanding time.  Out
who found the dorado the first day and all other
boats came to where we were after.  This is
experience at its best.  Dorado after dorado with the
biggest estimated to be 30lbs.
Within 5 minutes the second day, we had our first
dorado on and more followed.  An hour later,
BOOM, we hooked a marlin-what a fight!  After forty
minutes, we landed an estimated 160lb striped
marlin. I never expected to catch a marlin but this
dream was fulfilled with PV.  The crews were
OUTSTANDING-very friendly, very experienced and
they tried extremely hard to find the fish and to
assist in the process.

Thank you PV Sportfishing and crew for perfect

Btw, don't be intimidated by what is offered in the
hotels regarding fishing charters.  Book with PV
Sportfishing and you won't be disappointed.

Norm Braddock
Jan /21 /2010
Caught a Marlin, Shark, and 6 Yellowfin Tuna let Me
know when the big Yellowfins are btiing and I  will be
back down.

Wyman Osborn  

Had a great day didn't get the big tuna I wanted but
I will be back next year to try again the crew worked
there ass off and the shark on the line was quite a

thank's for everything.

Justin Ross

February 17 2010

I had a  great  2 days on the Sirena we caught 2 blue
marlins, 4 sailfish 2 big tuna's and a couple big mahi
thanks again
Marco solidino

Everyone had a great time.  Captain handled the
boat amazingly well and we were never long
between strikes once he settled into chasing the
school of tuna.  Crew were pros, always hustling, no
downtime whatsoever, deck always cleaned
immediately after any action.  Hooked up a triple
header and landed all three smooth as silk, the last
of which was our second largest, approaching 5
feet and upwards of 120 pounds...  We landed 7
tuna - all good fun and 2 of really good size

Jason Terp

Feburary / 28 /2010
Hi Damon,

Congratulations to you and the crew of the Sirena.

In 2 days of fishing, my son and I caught 25 dorado
and one 70# tuna.  All the dorado weighed in the
double digit range, including the 50 lb. one my son
caught.  Of course, the one fish we lost in 2 days of
fishing was a monster cow yellowfin; which I intend to
find next year when I come back to PV.
October 27th 2009

Ed Savco
Click here for video
Just wanted to write you a quick note and
say thanks for taking care of my group's
fishing needs in Puerto Vallarta we had a
blast both days, and while I have done
agreat deal of fishing charter in many
places, your crew's were some of the
friendliest and hardest working I have
encounterered.  Both boats tackle were in
Excellent condtion, and all we could have
asked more for the weather to lay down on
tuesday. either way, thanks again and I will
be sure and get back up witht you next time
I or any of my friends, are in Puerto Vallart
Seavy Dickson
Great crew, I felt really lucky to be out with
captain Steve and the Crew was great we
had alot of fun and landed a huge Marlin, I
fought it for over 2 hour s and was
I was first on the reel and after 1 hour I was

Thanks again to the crew!
Thomas Pisker and Gennelly Wall

salfish at the end of the trip was the best part. we
were somewhat disappointed up to that point. the
mahi mahis were fun to catch but didn't quite make
the trip worthwhile. my husband will be talking about
his sailfish for a long time to come and is already
wanting to come back during the peak season. your
guys were fabulous. they made great companions
and were working so hard to make sure david
brought that sailfish in. i hope we can fish with them
thanks so much! it was a pleasure doing business
with you and hope to see you again soon!

Jana Millican

My son and I had a great time fishing with
you and the crew.  I wasn't sure what to
expect my first time way out in the ocean,
but the trip exceeded my expectations.  
The cabo was a beautiful vessel, the crew
helpful and fun, and the captain obviously
new where to find the fish.  I am trying to
put together a guys long weekend fishing
in PV this fall, and will be calling/emailing
you to schedule.  You guys did a great job.
Thanks so much,
Scott Allen  
Steve and Damon,
My wife and I want to thank you for the great fishing
trip.The mahi was great on the grill.Had a little trouble
getting through customs in the U.S. but it made it
home still partially frozen.

Captain Steve and his first mate were quite the pro's
on the water, definantly know your stuff. My poor wife
took two days to recover from the exhaustion of
catching fish. That is a good thing. Go ahead and
post the pictures on your web site. I have a guy, Bill
Loudermilk, who I recommended to you guys. He will
be heading your way to book a trip in October with
his son.  I may have a couple more clients to send
you as well.

I was hoping to buy a t-shirt with your charter
company name on it. Do you have shirts?  I would like
to get a couple for me and my wife.I will be back next
year with my sons and several other guys to do a
double trip. You will hear from me then if not sooner.

Thanks again,

Kenny,Jaralyn Rennels

Thanks for a great charter
We all had a great time that first sailfish is going on
the wall what a fight thanks to everyone on the sirena
and the charter We will see You next year for sure.


day started with a fast ride out to the
fishing grounds.  In the pouring rain Mike
got to work and changed up the lures
numerous times as the Captain saw
different signs of fish.  We ended up with 1
Black Marlin caught, 1 Blue Marlin
Released  At the end of the day I asked to
catch some snapper,  Well after 30
minutes we had 5 snapper and a grouper.  

It goes without saying me and my boys had
the fishing adventure we were looking for
thanks to your services

Warm Regards,
Howard Binder
Glenview, Illinois
To all the people of PV Sport fishing involved in our
fishing trip I would like to say, and I speak for the
other four in my partyas well, it was a four star
The boat and crew were all first class. The
sandwiches were very good and we enjoyed it very
Look forward to doing it again soon.

Thanks once again.
Fred Berrier

I have fished with alot of charters all over
the world and  Capatain Steve and Freddy
are by far the best i have ever fished with I
caught the head mounted.
see full  fishing

Brad Owings
The fishing trip was great! It was a true hunt for the
Black Marlin in mid January and we succeeded with
an 8 1/2 ft beauty. We also landed two dorado that
were prepared at Victor's dockbar immediately after
arriving back at the dock. Delicious! The boat was
fantastic and knowledgable crew. We highly
recommend this charter.
Tom Bents

Wanted to let you know we had a great
time on Wednesday. My friend was able to
land one nice 12' long Blue Marlin and
unfortunately I lost a real nice tuna and a
Black Marlin, which ran to another boats
lines. That was a little disappointing but
the fight was still something I have never
felt before and will never forget. We were
new to the big bill fish game and are now
hooked....nothing compares!
Freddy and the guys were great. It was a
little slow in the morning, but Chava
reminded us to be patient. Not long after
that we hooked up and had fish on the rest
of the day.
Thanks again and we will be back!

Michael Osucha
Hope all is well. The weather sucks here. It has been
raining all f***in’ day. here are  few photos from my
trip we caught 4 sailfish and a mahi mahi. Check out
the two additional pictures (third eye and road kill).
Interesting, wouldn’t you say.
James Eicher

For years I've had the dream of catching a
200+lb Cow, but never dreamed that I the
same trip!

My wife, son Eric, and I fished with Captain
Steve Torres and Crew Freddy and Javier
on the Ana Maria

Captain Torres and Freddy are so
Passionate about catching big fish and are
the best by far in my opinion I highly
reccomend these guy's!
Read full
fishing report

Larry Haynes

Larry Haynes
September -19-2010
I can't say enough about the  captain and
crew. They worked hard for
us, and they even stayed out 2 extra hours
at no extra cost just because they
genuinely want to catch fish.
Read full report

Bradd Sawin
Just wanted to send a photo of marlin we
caught. We had a great time and will book again
next time back. Both Steve and Freddy were
great let them know I had a great time! and May
try and get down when the blues and blacks are
Mickey Foreman

Hey Guys,
I just want to let you know we had a fabulous time on
the boat! The crew was great and the fishing was
good.The memories will last a lifetime.
We will be coming back to Vallarta I can assure you
of that. I want to thank you and the crew for a
wonderful time. I am recommending your service to
all my friends and family.
Thanks again
Steven Barrera
Corey Barrera
Brandon Roth
Great day of fishing!  The whole crew
never stopped working, and thanks to you
it was the best day of offshore fishing we
have ever had!!  Amy fought this monster
tuna from beginning to end (about 45
mins) on your top notch, light tackle,
stand up gear!!  

In addition to this one - we also landed  6
dorado, as well as 7 other yellowfin tuna,
and a bonus pacific sail!

It certainly was the highlight of our
vacation - and all we have been talking
about for the last week!!  Kudos to Capt
Steve, - we are already
talking about planning another trip for
next year!

We wish you guys luck in the big tourney -
and will be cheering you on from home!

-Scott & Amy
Client review Jan-10-2011
I cannot say enough about all the
People involved with PV Sportfishing.
I just got back from a 14 hour day
aboard the Animal House and had a
blast!!! I was supposed to Be aboard
the Sirena but she had some motor
issues, so Damon upgraded me to
Salt water is hard on boats and the
morning of my fishing day the Cabo
also had some issues so Once
again Damon was on it and Called up
the Captain and Crew of the beautiful
Cabo yacht Animal House. I think they
were actually asleep when he called
them but they were there in no time!!  
After leaving the docks it seemed like
no time we were already 55 miles
offshore and fishing. The Animal
house hauls!  It started off a little slow
but around 12pm we had our first
hook up.  Flying the penn kite the
captain hooked onto a beautiful
Yellowfin tuna and the fight was on!!
What incredible power those fish
see full report here
PuertoVallarta fishing
client review December 2010
Had an amazing adventure aboard the
Cabo we did an overnight
trip and brought home 9 Cow Giant
Yellowfin tuna Captain Steve and
the whole Team did a great
job on putting us onto the big
cow's that we came to Puerto Vallarta
to catch and they kept us on them
the whole trip.  thanks again to
everyone on the crew.  let me
know when the big cow's are boiling
again and I will be back down quick.
Brent Fleming read full
fishing report
and see video
December 2010

Brent Fleming
originally booked 3 days on the smaller boat (The
panga),  but after 2 days Hector recommended a big
boat trip.  I was alone so felt it may be too expensive.  
They worked with me and it was the best trip I've ever
taken.  I caught 3 sail fish and 2 marlin with many other
I was very pleased with the charters I booked.  I had
originally booked 3 days on the smaller boat (The
panga),  but after 2 days Hector recommended a big
boat trip.  I was alone so felt it may be too expensive.  
They worked with me and it was the best trip I've ever
taken.  I caught 3 sail fish and 2 marlin with many other
hook ups and oppertunituies.  We had 3 fish hooked up
at one time.  I pulled all three in.  We spotted a marlin
on top swimming slowly  looking for food and Capt.
Steve cast live bait to the fish and hooked him up with
30 lb test.  Took me an hour to get that one in.   I have
booked with other companies in the past but this one
was the best for me.    Good luck,
Dr. CLlifton L. Harris
Puerto Vallarta fishing
Client review Jan-16-2011
I just wanted to take the time to post
about the amazing  in Puerto Vallarta
on January 16th. Steve
and his first mate Abel did a fantastic job
getting us on Quality
Yellowfin in Tuna. I have fished all over
the world on some top notch
boats, I have to say the Crew and
equipment aboard the boat
is the best I have ever seen. Seriously,
no joke, the NICEST equipment I have
EVER seen on a charter boat. These
guys defiantly know their way around the
PV water too. I HIGHLY
recommend them for anyone looking for
Big Game in Puerto Vallarta
Watch Video

Welden Stanford
January 2011
My fishing trip! Felipe y Felipe were outstanding
and had us hooked up with our first sailfish within
1/2 hour of setting lures. From the chatter on the
radio, not too many other boats were having any
luck, but we managed to pull in 2 sailfish at 120+
lbs each, and 1 striped marlin at over 100 lbs. I
grilled up some of the marlin that night, and it was
Muchas gracias para todos. I had a great time on
delicious - this coming from somebody that does
not like sea food at all. I packaged and froze the
remaining meat and brought it home with me. FYI -
may want to tell others to use a hardshelled cooler.
I bought a  cheap foam one, and the airport gave
me a hard time.
Hey Damon thanks for everything we had 2 great days
as you know  me and my wife went out with Steve and
Freddy on the luhrs the first day I caught a 400 lb black
marlin and a 340 lb yellow fin tuna by far the largest fish
I have ever caught! so I went again on me and my wife's
one year anniversary it was a little stormy in the
morning and we caught a nice lighting storm but around
12 pm we got a double hook up we thought we had
some nice tuna again but they both ended up being
huge black marlins I will be back down soon and give
everyone tattoo's
thanks again

Puerto Vallarta fishing
Client Review March/2011
I had a great trip aboard the Super Panga
the crew was a late picking me up in in the
morning but worked hard to keep me on
fish all day I will defiantly be back in
Marlin Season
thanks again
Sander van Veenendaal
It was a great trip October 2. We ended up going on
the Sirena with Capt. Steve and what a day I have
attached photos for you. The black Marlin was est. at
560 lbs+, the sailfish was 9 ft. long and the Bull dorado
was 64 inches. We caught 5 other dorado and asked
Steve to take us to the dock early as we were slap worn
out. My wife and I truly had the trip of a lifetime by any
standards. If you can post these photos.


Rich lowrance
Puerto Vallarta fishing client review
July/ 08/2011
I had  great time on My Charter with
Captain Steve Torres caught a huge 375
lb blue Marlin
thanks guys!

Jesse Mckinnon
Thought I would share a few pictures that we took while
on your boat in October 04. My son and I had a great
time and were able to bring home fish, give a lot to the
Captain and Mate and had to give some tuna to the
girls who cleaned our room and they were very thankful
rooms get the chance to have somebody give them a
large piece of fresh fish.

Bill Middleton

Puerto Vallarta fishing client review
My Son caught his first big Yellowfin tuna  
2 hours to reel her in"
said Nick.

Ted and son Nick Haller
Puerto Vallarta fishing client review
August /13/2011
Hola Guys

I had  great time on the  Super Panga
Here are some of the fish pictures when I
fished with Cesar!  Enjoy fishing with
Cesar!  Great fishing!
See you next trip..........


Sam Fillingame
Damon thanks for the great time fishing for two days in
October 2007.  My captain was the best, Steve Torres
and Freddy the mate was great.  Steve will catch you
fish or die trying! I caught the biggest fish in my life
with the 250 lb Tuna and just missed out on a huge
Marlin.  I never saw her, but with the size of the bait
she took (8 lb skip jack) and the line that was peeled
also caught my biggest Dorado ever, over 5 feet long.  
Day two was when we hooked up the Marlin and
although she got off I still landed 8 nice Dorado all
putting up great fights.  You guys are the best and I
look forward to coming back next year to get the big
Tight Lines
Mark Koster
25/2011 with client Larry Haynes

Fished again this year with Steve and
Freddy on the Ana Maria.

BLUF: Feeling like the second luckiest guy
in Vallarta - caught a couple cows last
year and this year it was a 622lb Blue
Marlin with Steve and Freddy's help.

Met Capt Steve, Freddy, and our new
amigo Joel at the light house at 0600.
Then it was off to the rock. Read full

fishing report

Larry Haynes
PV Sportfishing review 10/18/11

Thanks for the great Sportfishing
charter We had such an amazing trip
the crew is awesome, I know next time I
am here I will fish with You guy's again.
See more
fish photos from October

Dave Admire
PV Sportfishing review 10/01/11
Booked my trip through Damon with
puertovallartafish.com as I always do. This
guy always hooks me up with the best
crews. I wanted to do 3 day of fishing so I
booked 1 day on a panga and 2 days with
Captain Steve Torres

Day 1 Wednesday Sept 28th on the
Super panga, we hooked
into a 550-600 pound Black Marlin. My
buddy fought this fish for 5 hours getting
in all the way to leader and released it.

Days 2 Oct 1st) we went out on yet
ANOTHER epic couple days of fishing with
Steve Torres  I can not
say enough about this guy’s crew and his
knowledge. I love fishing with such
passionate people. I have got fish EVERY
time I have been out with this guy! next
fish I hooked into was a 250 pound Yellow
fin. Perfect way to start the day off with a
COW. I also landed a 150#. And 80 and
40 pounder the same day. My 2 buddies
with me got 1 35# Yellow fin, one 150#
yellow fin and 4 more Yellowfin 50-
25pound to 110 pounds
2- Very Nice sized Dorado. Read full
fishing report

Weldon Stanford
PV Sportfishing Review 11/15/11

The boat and fishing were great.  Got
a Blue Marlin and alot of other fish.  I
will be back next year and  will be
contacting you to charter the boat

Jim Pienta
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
November 2011
I fished 3 days with
PV Sportfishing in a Super Panga over
fished in multiple locations and
skippers. I was impressed with the
captains knowledge and hard work.  
The quality
of the gear on the boat as well as
having a skipper that could locate fish
made the outing extremely rewarding.  
The next time I am in PV I will be
looking Cezar up.

Mike Larocco
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
December 2011
I fished with super
panga the past 2 days and had 2 great
days.  First Day six beautiful tuna 40-70
lbs and next day more Roosters than we
wanted.  The crew  fishes harder than
any other fishing charter  I have been
See more photos

Steven Charles
PV Sportfishing review 12-13-2011
Here is the  Black Marlin Photo from my
Trip yesterday it was 1 and 1/2 hour battle
half stand up and half in the chair thanks
again to the crew.

David Adams
PV Sportfishing review 01-24-2012
PV Sportfishing has once again delivered
a super trip full of fish.  The boat  is a
“Tuna Magnet” and his crew friendly and
very very helpful.  Days after the trip, I am
still in shock that we caught so many fish.  
Approximately 25 tuna (we lost count) and
one dorado including one 80 pounder and
one 50 pounder with the remaining
between 25 to 40 lbs.  We did not require
to stay out longer and if we did, no doubt
there would be many more added on.  We
also fished all day
 Read more
PV Sportfishing review 09-24-2012
Report by Roy Eise
We chartered a 2005 Cabo Yacht on
September 11th 2012 with Puerto Vallarta
Sports Fishing (puertovallartafish.com)
and our fishing trip with the "Animal House"
was a huge success! We chartered for 12
hours, and all that they stated to us ahead
of time, was all true. Everything was
included as fishing license, bait, ice, cold
water, clean and awesome yacht, and the
best crew we ever could have asked for.
We've fished before, but nothing like this.
We caught a total of 7 very large (all over
100 lbs) Yellow Fin Tuna. This all
happened within an hour and half (around
2pm) during our 12 hour charter
. Read
PV Sportfishing review 09/29/12
Report by Kasey Kauff
My friend and I went out sept 29, 2012
had a blast. We caught multiple sailfish,
tuna, and mahi. The crew was awesome
and very helpful. I would recommend
with these guys any day! Hope to be back
next year
PV Sportfishing review 10/05/12
We just returned from our annual trip to
Puerto Vallarta, and fished  with Capt
Steve , with outstanding

This year's trip was no different than the
past, when it comes to the phenominal
expertise of the captain , the boat itself,
and the brand new, custom built, Calstar
Rods, and
Tiburon SST reels - IT JUST DOESN'T
GET ANY BETTER!!! Capt Steve  put us
on fish, even though the weather
conditions weren't favorable to catching
fish - we caught fish when so many others
came back empty handed.

We caught a number of Yellow Fin Tunas
(YFTs), and a handfull of bull and cow
dorado during our fishing adventure. One
of the YFTs was my wife's personal best of
about 65lbs.

We also had a shot at catching a very
large Black Marlin. It looked to be about
600lbs. Unfortunately, it missed the hook
and wrapped the leader around it's bill.
Guess you can figure out who won that
battle. Though we missed that big fish, I
still felt good because I know how few
boats can raise a fish  
read more
PV Sportfishing review 09/23/12
On my last Carnival cruise Sept 23rd
through Sept 30th 2012 with my lovely wife
Karen to the Mexican Riviera, we stopped
in Puerto Vallarta.   My wife knows I love
fishing and doesn't at all mind if I take time
from our travels to fish where ever we go in
the world. Weeks before we left, I
contacted Damon through PV Sportfishing
and I was lucky enough to book a fishing
trip with Capt Hector on the Pcositas II.  It
was a very comfortable 29 foot super
panga with a live bait tank, canopy, great
gear and a great Capt plus a very excellent
and,friendly deck hand.  It started that
morning late as I couldn't get off the cruise
ship until 10:30am.  I took a 5 minute taxi to
the PV lighthouse where Capt Hector's
very nice wife Mony escorted me to the
read more
No Photo
PV Sportfishing review 08/15/12
The captain was on time, boat and
equipment worked well, we took the
family, 4-5 hr trip and even caught
fish, all and all a great day.  This was
an easy and fun trip the PV Sport
fishing crew did a great job!

Mike Carpenter
PV Sportfishing Review

We had another Great trip with captain
Steve and Freddy as alway's on the 35
ft Cabo
see more photos

JR Pratty
October 2012
PV Sportfishing review
November 2012
I went out with captain Steve  again this
year and I caught a huge Marlin and
Sailfish.  Huge success once again
thanks guy's   

Ken Setula
November 2012
PV Sportfishing review
My wife and I recently got the chance
to fish with PV Sportfishing on August
21st at La Corbetana. The day started
earlier to expect a later in the day bite.
Sure enough, around noon we started
getting hit trolling live baits and around
12:30 hooked our first tuna. While i
was fighting the first fish we doubled
up and hooked another about ten
minutes in to my fight. We were able
to put four 100 plus pound tuna in the
boat, and got probably a dozen
strikes. The captain even helped my
105lb wife reel in a tuna in the
130-150lb range. My wife usually
doesn't enjoy long days on the water
but she hasnever had more fun fishing
than we had that day. I have fished
with alot of different charters
throughout Mexico,  
buI i have never had a better
experience than i did with PV
Sportfishing . The captain
and his deckhand were constantly
working like crazy to put us on the fish.
He even made fresh Ceviche for us to
eat on the boat, and prepared a ton of
frozen tuna for us to take home..
PV Sportfishing review
January 2013
Been with these folks about You get
what you pay for! Have caught all the
big fish, released all but a couple
bills we hurt when hooked. I support
catch and release. captain Freddy
always gets you in the fishing
grounds and works hard to get you
fish.....the rest is up to the fish! Enjoy!
Mickey Foreman
PV Sportfishing review
December 2012
I decided that I would charter a boat in
order to go
fly fishing in Puerto Vallarta. I
emailed various charter outfits and the only
one with experience was PV Sportfishing. I
wanted an experienced skipper and
needed to use his equipment. I spent 4
hours on the super panga fishing about
100 yards behind the surf line. The boat
was a 29 ft.
super panga, which was
extremely comfortable. Caesar put me right
on several schools of toro or bull fish. I
landed about 4 or 5, all in the 10-15 lb.
range. With a 7 weight rod, this was a
fabulous experience. Next trip I'll try for a
full day and seek Marlin, billfish and/or tuna
and will charter a larger boat from
Alexander Tucson
Puerto Vallarta fishing review July
I want to thank the captain and his crew for a
great day of fishing.  You were able to make
my daughters first time out charter fish one
that she will remember forever.
Bryan Peirsol
Puerto Vallarta fishing review My
son and I took an overnight from
Nuevo Vallarta
March 1st to the 2nd with Captain Steve,
We left at 2 am and went to sleep in the
forward sleeping quarters. I awoke during
the early am hours as nature called and
noted that we were pulling a Panga behind
us. I thought that we had stopped to help
a disabled Panga and went back to sleep.
We were awakened by Captain Steve
yelling get your a.... up were hooked up
on a nice tuna. We rushed out and no
sooner than we were on deck another
hook up occurred. Now my son (33y/o)
and I were both hooked up on the biggest
tuna of our lives .
read full Puerto Vallarta
fishing review
October 2011
Captain Steve was on a rare holiday
during our trip (he was spending the time
fishing in a marlin tournament in Cabo for
the weekend), but his back-up crew,
Captain Freddy and mate, Chauba, were
absolutely terrific. Our day went a little like
We had a 1-day trip planned with Ana
Maria and had hoped to land a large
yellowfin tuna. The Yellowfin eluded us
that day, but we did not come home empty
handed. Once we got the lines in the
water (8:30am), we caught a sailfish by
9am, and then landed the "fish of the
day", a 400lb marlin, around 10:30am
(after a 1-hour fight). In the afternoon,
Read full fishing review
by Brian Lenker
Puerto Vallarta fishing review June
Bohannan and Lewis family took a little
trip down to PV to do some fishing.
We came up HUGE! Ended up with 2
Dorado, 1 Sailfish and 5 Yellow Fin
Tuna on the boat. Ate some fresh toro
on the boat once filleting on the boat.
There was absolute chaos on the boat,
but we worked well and were able to
land all but one fish. Made a killing out
there, looking forward to doing it

Roger Bohannan
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2013
two big blues
"Both I and  my son Benny ( my nephew
Gibran was there cheering us on) hooked
up on two nice blues within 5 minutes of
each other. Thankfully, the older Ben got
the chair and his son fought his stand up.
Freddie the captain was a magician
handling the  with two Blues on
simultaneously. He manuvered the boat like
a matador, helping the old man at times
and helping Benny when needed. For the
read full fishing review
Benito Hourani,
October 2013
Doug and Brad fished for 5 days aboard
the Animal house for Marlin, but never got
one to the boat, however they still had a
fantastic time fishing. Enjoy the video
Brad Sturm
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
December 2013
I spent a fine day aboard one of the super
pangas. We spent a hard day trying to get
me a sailfish--- the sailfish ignored us. But
on our way back in we trolled live baits
near some rock and immediately hooked a
25lb+ Jack. Then came three roosterfish
between 20 and 30 pounds.
A miscommunication regarding another trip
was handled Very professionally.
I will be fishing with them again next year.
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2014
As far as I'm concerned, PV Sportfishing is
the only one to book your Puerto Vallarta
fishing trip with.  PV Sportfishing goes out
of their way to make your trip one that you
will remember for a long time.  I have
NEVER been on a trip with Cesar without
catching fish.  Last time we caught 2- 50
pound tunas and a mahi mahi.  I look
forward to my next trip!!!

Terry Arnold and Mary Ann Muck  (mom)
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
January 2014
We caught 5 Mahi Mahi while we fishing in
the rain with captain When you fish for
Mahi Mahi you only troll so be prepared
to sit and wait. Once you hook one, they
are a great fight and fun. We also saw
about 15 different whales and literally
thousands of dolphins. The Capt stopped
to let us watch the family of whales
literally 30 -40 feet off the side of the
boat. Just amazing...

Callie G
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
June 2014
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to
captain and the crew for an amazing day
out on the Pacific (05/16/14).
After 8 hours we had only caught some
tuna and a huge Marlin broke the line!!
We had almost given up catching
anything else when, thanks to Cesar's
quick reactions we caught two large
I was delighted as I have always wanted
to catch a sailfish. The whole day the
crew were great and my wife, who doesn't
fish, really enjoyed seeing the dolphins
and turtles out at sea. The weather was
perfect and the sea was calm.
A perfect day.
Chris and Eleanor Wylie
Puerto Vallarta fishing review July
I booked a three-day charter  with PV
Sportfishing to take our 16 year old
grandson on a fishing trip for his
birthday. They met all of my expectations
and more. We had three exciting and fun
albeit long days (14 hours each). But,
they were productive. The skipper Luis
and deckhands Alfredo and Carlos (not
regulars on this boat) were excellent.
They worked their butts off to get the
catch of a lifetime for our grandson and
he did. Over the three days he caught
(and released) five Sailfish, Dorados,
Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack, and Rainbows.
Weather was hot as expected but
spectacular. Highly recommend this
charter company and the crew.

Albert Russell
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
August 2014
My brother and I booked a morning
through PV Sportfishing and had the time
of our lives! Got into the tuna that
morning, Yellowtails and Bonitas. Captain
and his crew of one were great. After a
quick trip to Mismaloya to net some
sardines we were out past Los Arcos and
into the fish. The area was packed with
charters but we all caught fish. There
really was not a slow time in the 4 hours
we were out. My brother's hope was to
catch some tuna and eat them the same
day. We did and had fresh sashimi and
seared tuna steaks. What a nice addition
to our trip to Mexico. I highly recommend
them and will definitely book again.
Thanks Damon for your great customer
service in getting us lined up and hats off
to Caesar and crew for the tight lines all

Mark Tesoro
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
September 2014
I booked a four hour in bay trip.
Everything went as planned. Captain
arrived on time at the dock. I was the only
angler booked that day so I had the boat
crew where very accomadating, attentive
and polite. They did all the work, and I did
all the fish fighting. NICE! We immediatley
hooked into some Bonitas, we landed five
all together and several Skip's. Between
the dolphins, sea turtles, birds and
landscape, the scenery was amazing.
Thanks for an unforgetable trip, I will
definatley be booking with you again
David M. Sigala
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
September 2014
Went fishing on the My Marlin with
captain Luis
following are some photographs.  The
people in the photos are:
Kid with tan fishing shirt - Jacob
Kid with olive green fishing shirt -
Benjamin Fein-Ashley
They are both 13 years old and are 2
parts of a set of triplets (their sister is
back in Colorado).  You have my
permission to post their photos.

Thanks for everything,

John Ashley
Puerto Vallarta fishing review July
We had a wonderful time. Luis and Alec
were very friendly and accommodating.
We are talking about coming back next
It was a great experience.

Angela & Colby Hamilton  
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2014
2 sailfish 1dorado and the black marlin
were all caught on day 3 of my trips.
Started trolling from punta Mita and got the
first sailfish at 0830 .
Continued out to la cobentera rock  and
caught several bonito in the 2- 3 lb class
that we slow trolled, first bait was a eaten
by a sail fish of about 75 lb. that was
brought to the boat in about 10 mins. We
then re set the baits and within 5 mins the
large bonito was engulfed by my large
black marlin . This was hooked on the 50 lb
class stand up rod and tiburon 50 lb reel . I
had brought along by braid brute buster
harness and belt so elected to fight the
marlin stand up, 1 and a half hours later
with aching arms and back I was regretting
that decision the marlin fought like a
Damon with no jumps just long solid runs.
1 hour and 40 mins the fish was boated. I
normally fish catch and release but the
crew had other plans.
By this time it was time to head back to
port, but we put out some lures for the
chance of a dorado, and that's exactly what
i got a nice 25 dorado. With aching arms
and back a very happy British angler
enjoyed the ride back to puerto vallarta.
We have just arrived home after a 12 hour
flight, will be submitting a claim to the igfa
for a pacific slam certificate.
Thanks for your help damon.
Best regards

Dave roberts
United Kingdom
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2014
I have been out on many many charters all
over North America for all kinds of fish,
and lets first take catching fish out of the
equation, service, hard work and friendly
fun atmosphere is what you will find on
spotlessly clean boats is what you can
expect. Fish, (I never will blame a charter
for poor fishing, if you fished enough I
needn't explain) With that said, after 8
trips over 2 years With PV Sportfishing
and we have caught fish! Sailfish,
wahoo,Dorado (one that was 63 inches)
Marlin, (one was 600 lbs, mine :), these
guys NEVER stop working to put you on
the fish and bend that rod. This is now an
annual trip for me.

Brad Sturm
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2014
First of all let say that you can not beat
Damon's customer service. We missed
our flight and our trip was scheduled for
the following day. Damon was quick to
respond via email and a phone call. He
arranged another trip for us. Our
captain  and his deck hand did a great
job. We hooked and landed 2 sail fish 1
Bonito and a Mahi Mahi we hooked a
Marlin but he got away. We had fresh
ceviche made on the boat and of course
don't forget cold beer all this was
requested from us for an extra fee but all
worth it. If you want the best go with PV
Sportfishing! Damon & Cesar are the
ones to go with!
See more
fishing photos
Erica Lucio
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2014
We were staying in Sayulita and I wanted
to book an all day fishing charter on the
Animal House.After numerous emails
Damon was able to get us booked. We
sealed the deal in a PEMEX parking lot
outside of Sayulita. Thank you Damon for
all your extra effort!! W
e departed the
dock the following morning. We ran out
to Corbateena to start the day of fishing.
This is a very nice fishing machine. The
ride out was not only fast but very
comfortable. My wife is disabled because
of her back and she didn't complain all
day about the boat ride (11 hours). We
started fishing and 6 hours later we still
had not had a bite. read full
Vallarta fishing review
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
December 2014
We had a great time fishing  on the
Magnifico! We caught plenty of fish
... Three Jack Caravelle's, about 30
pounds each, and 6 Makerals. They
all tasted delicious last night too!!!

Damon was great at helping us
finding a boat last minute and
replied very quickly to all my emails.
And the crew was awesome. We
even got to see some humpback
whales and sea turtles on our
journey. Plus the boat was spotless!
Pristine! And the equipment was
first class too. We just went fishing
in bora bora last month and it was
Reviewed December 2014
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
December 2014
I'll start by saying that Damon is very
responsive during the planning
process - always replies to emails

My wife and I arranged a day of
fishing with on the
super panga
Pacific. We booked 6 hours with the
option to upgrade to 8 hours
depending on how the fishing report
was. We were met by Cesar
promptly at the marina at the
scheduled time of 7am. Fishing
report was kind of spotty and it was
decided that 8 hours would be
better to get both more time on the
water and allow us to get to a more
productive location.

Departed the Los Peines pier and
headed out into the bay - up the
Nuevo Vallarta side and out toward
Las Marietas and Punta Mita. Saw
some humpbacks, including a baby,
fairly close to the boat. Also saw
some manta rays jumping out of the
water. Both of those sightings read
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
December 2014
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
January 2015.  We booked
Animal House for a 12 hour trip. I
and Luis. It didn't take long before
the fish started to bite. We caught
4x Mahi Mahi and a blue Marlin that
was 112 inches and weighted
around 290 Lbs!!!! It was an
amazing feeling bringing that Marlin
in we were very happy. Damon was
very helpful during the booking
process and finding the right boat
for us. David and Luis the crew on
the Animal House were very helpful
with us and got us on the fish right
read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review January 2015
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
February 2015 fished with PV
Sportfishing on many occasions,
The boat is fast, the condition is like
it just came off of a show room floor,
the crew is a Championship Crew
that has won numerous tournaments
in Mexico, and has been featured
internationally including on ESPN
Marlin Magazine.
I have fished all around the world,
and the crew on the 35 Cabo is the
best of the best. read full
Vallarta fishing review Februrary
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
April 2015
“Book animal house”
Went out for 8hrs with capt luis and
dave on animal house for a bit of
fishing and some touring around.
These guys are awesome,treated
us like they knew us for years will
most definitely see these guys
again.Worth every penny and then
Reviewed April 2015
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
July 2015  I've fished all over the
world and experienced good and
bad charter companies. PV
Sportfishing are one of the best I've
class equipment and boat (My
Marlin) and a very good crew. All
this resulted in us catching a 350
pund blue marlin. If you want to do
some serious big game fishing in
Puerto Vallarta, these are the guys
you should go with. read full
Vallarta fishing review July 2015
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
August 2015  
Went out on the
Super Panga  and told the captain I
wanted to find Marlin. He knew
right where to find one. Told him
we should look for sailfish next,
took me right to where they were.
Very friendly, nice equipment,
found all the fish I could ask for.
What more could I want. Definitely
a 6 star trip.
reviewed August 2015
Richard B
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
August  2015
.  What a great
experience. My husband, myself and
a friend went out for a 4 hour trip and
had a wonderful time. The captain
made fresh ceviche for lunch and
both of the guys each caught a fish.
The booking process was easy and
the boat was exactly what we had
chosen online. Great day fishing and
a wonderful way to see the marine
life in Banderas Bay.
Reviewed August 2015
Rebecca M
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2015
Captain Steve and
his crew are the best. My 2 sons
and I caught 2 great sailfish and a
Mahi Mahi. Steve and Scooby
were very funny and great guys
too. Captain Steve knows how to
get on the fish. We will be back
and I highly recommend him to
Reviewed October
Cameron  Sembaluk
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2015 Two of us chartered
captain Steve Torres (my marlin)
for a 36 hr fishing trip to the
"banks" for Marlin and Tuna. This
was no ordinary fishing trip. it was
a adventure! The 400lb plus Blue
Marlin struck the first night, at
sunset (8:00 pm). It took 2 1/2 hrs
to get that damn fish to the boat in
pitch darkness! Unfortunately that
beautiful fish expired in the end
(didn't go to waste). The next dayy
m friend hooked into a 200lb tuna.
It took about 1 hour to get that fish
onboard. read full
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review October 2015
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
November 2015  Determined. This is
and mate Jose on the fishing vessel
"My Marlin". Their pricing is fair, if not
lower than what you get back in the
states, they use quality equipment,
and they are goal oriented. I am not a
professional angler or commercial
fisherman. However, I have fished most
of my life recreationally and
understand it is called fishing and not
catching. From the beginning, I told
Damon that I wanted to book a 12 to
14 hour trip to try an land a marlin.
Upon boarding the boat, Captain Steve
and Jose greeted me with excitement
and optimism.read full
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review November 2015
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
December 2015  My wife and I
booked an 8 hour trip on the 28'
super panga Pacific. We landed 5
big Dorado. My wife's 56" being
the best. The other 4 weren't much
smaller. Lander one 85" sailfish
and almost hooked up to make it a
double. Lost one BIG dorado
about 3/4 to the boat. Had 2 other
strikes. Only in my dreams would I
have thought we would have a day
like that. There  read full
Vallarta fishing review December
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review October 2015

We went out aboard the Super
Panga the Pacific and had a
wonderful time! We caught a
sailfish and a huge Marlin!!!  
see full
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review October 2015
Puerto Vallarta Fishing Review
December 2015
December is, according the
several fishing calendars I
checked, an excellent month for
sport fishing in Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico. As I was cruising with
friends and wife to and from San
Diego to Lima, with a stop in
Puerto Vallarta in mid-December,
one of my friends – an avid
fisherman as am I – decided that
we’d charter a boat to see if our
acumen would be positively .  
Read ful
l Puerto Vallarta Fishing
Review December 2015
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
January 2016 I had the
opportunity to go out on a 12 hour
day of fishing with my wife,
daughter and father on the"My
Marlin," skippered by Steve Torres
and crewed by Oscar on 12/29/15.
This is the second year going out
w Steve and he does not
disappoint. Starting with Damon
who does a great job in setting up
the trip and communicating all
neccessary details, I wanted to
have the opportunity to catch a
marlin as well as dorado. Steve
and Oscar read full
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review January 2016
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
January 2016 My dad and I
booked three, 10 hour fishing trips
in the week we were in Mexico
with PV Sportfising just before
Christmas. We have always
wanted to catch bill fish but we
knew that they wouldn't come easy
and fishing is a patient game. We
met our crew of Marcelino and
Alejandro at Los Peines pier at
6am on the first day, they were
quiet but prepared, they looked
like they knew what they were
doing. we were on a 29ft super
panga which took us 2 hours to
get to where we would begin to
fish. within half an hour we had a
follow on our bait which we believe
was a
striped marlin but it didn't
take. We caught a bull dorado a
few hours later and everything was
quiet after that barring another
follow from a marlin, you could see
the bill come out of the water and
take the bait, it only bit off the back
half of the bait though so we were
6 inches away from hooking it. The
skipper then took us into the bay
and dropped a live bait,
Vallarta fishing review January
November 2016 There are only
three places on the globe which
have world class Black Marlin.
Australia, Panama, Mexico. PV in
October and November is second to
none. I've made it a annual
Captain Steve Torres on "My Marlin"
would be my first choice. He's the
best live bait "slow troll" Marlin
fisherman I've ever met.
I just got off a 3.5 day expedition.
Fish counts say it all. 1. Black
Marlin, 1. Blue Marlin, 1. Pacific  
read full
 Puerto Vallarta fishing
review November 2016
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
November 2016
Great fishing trip Our Captain  and
crew provided an excellent fishing
adventure! Captain and crew were
friendly and knowledgeable and the
boat was meticulously maintained. I
wish that I could have tipped them
better! Do yourself a favor and book a
minimum of a six hour trip. Any less
and you're only short changing
yourself read full
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review November 2016
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
February 2016 I booked two
fishing trips, an 8 hour on the
super panga and a 12 hour on the
Cabo Animal House, being from
Florida I appreciated being able to
pay for it in full on our credit card
before we got there, the process
went smoothly and I received my
confirmations via email. Our 8
hour trip we caught a 50 inch
Dorado (Mahi) and on our 12 hour
trip we caught a wahoo and a
sailfish, it was extremely rough that
day and we thought about going
back in but  read full
Vallarta fishing review February
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
April 2016 We did a 12 hour
charter with Capt Victor and
Ramon and had the best day. I
told them I wanted to catch big
fish and they worked really hard
to make sure that happened. We
landed a VERY nice tuna and
really enjoyed our day on the
boat. From the communication
leading up to the trip to the crew
and the boat we couldn't ask for
more. I would highly
recommend PV Sportfishing.  
read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review April 2016
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
September 2016
Captain Scoobie and his first
mate Toby, took us out on a 12
hour excursion on his 28' Super
Panga and we had the time of our
life!! We caught a 123" black
Mahi. Not only was the fishing a
great time, but the crew was a ton
of fun! We would highly
recommend this captain and
company to any and all!! read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
September 2016
Puerto Vallarta fishing client
review February 06 2017
My family and I recently went on
vacation in PV and as usual, I made
sure we spent a day out fishing.
This year we went with
Captain Cesar and his mate Jose
with PV Sportfishing charters. The
Nicky Pao . We met Cesar at the
marina and he helped us
carry our gear to the boat, which
was impressive. Not only was it the
nicest and cleanest charter I have
been on, it was well equipped.
Although fishing reports outside the
bay have been slow, we were   read
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
February 2017
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
January 2017
Fishing Trip of a life time! We
have been fishing on many deep
sea fishing trips and this one by
far has been the best! the captian
and mates were amazing! We
caught a 10ft 1in Blue Marlin
324lbs and 7 yellow fin tuna!
These uys worked from the time
we stepped on to the boat to the
time we got off. We will definitely
be fishing with them again and
hope that we get the chance to
have the same luck!
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
January 2017
PV Sportfishing practices and encourages
catch and release but if you want to take your
catch home we understand.  After the catch,
PV Sportfishing Will skin and cut your catch if
you would like to take with you to eat our fresh
catch.  Or you would can also javer a
taxidermy made and have it shipped back to
your home.  For more information on Puerto
Vallarta fishing or to see recent photos or
more client testimonial's please
contact us
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
March 2017
Top notch service was provided by
Scooby and Eddy!! I can't wait to
come back to PVR and fish with
them again!! We went out to the
"Rocks" and got into the Crevalle
Jacks and had a blast. Then on the
way back, I asked Captain Scooby if
we could stop and try where all the
birds were diving and caught even
more!! Definitely one of my best salt
water fishing experiences yet!! I will
be back!! read full
 Puerto Vallarta
fishing review March 2017
Puerto Vallarta fishing review May
20 2017
Before we vacationed in Pt. Vallarta I
looked for 3 or 4 days trying to find a
fishing charter. I finally went with Pt.
Vallarta Fishing. They were very easy
to work with and replied quickly to my
emails. On May 18th we arrived at the
dock at 7 am for an 8 hour trip and the
infamous Capt. Scoobey was already
waiting on us and quickly asked what
we were hoping to catch. I had been
reading the fishing report in PV the
whole week and very few sailfish, marlin
or Mahi mahi had been caught. So me
being stubborn I asked to go look for a
sailfish. We started trolling and right
away we hooked bonita's.  
read more
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
May 2017  
Gauna Tuna, but I'll settle for any
My party and I have little to no
fishing experience, however, we
wanted to set out on a fishing
"adventure" while in PV. I contacted
Damon by email and he responded
quickly in a very professional
manner with answers to all my
questions, needs, and instructions.
Captain Scooby and his crew hand,  
read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review May 2017
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review August 2017
highly recommend Cesar
Perez and the crew of the
Luhrs. We caught fish both
days highlighted by 2 nice
sails. Christian and Jose
were friendly and attentive.
We spent 28 hours with
these guys and had a blast.
see full  
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
August 23 2017
I fished on the 34ft Luhrs on the
23rd August 2017 with captain
Cesar and had a great day out In
the am we targeted Black Marlin
without any luck but our live baits
got hit by sharks on many
occasions but they bit through the
line in the end we caught one of
these a 200lb Bull shark which we
released. In the pm Cesar saw
Yellowfin jumping in the distance
and we went after these and
ended up catching 4 up to
60/70lbs and lost a much bigger
one. Overall a great day and the
crew were very skillfull and
read more
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
September 2017
I fished on the boat Nicky Pao on
the 20th September 2017 with
Captain Jose and Christian What
a great day out”
We had the best day of fishing. I
have been out on many fishing
charters in search of the "Marlin"
and this ranks the BEST. I would
highly recommend the boat and
the crew -- Jose and Christian.
The boat was very clean  read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 2017
I wanted to let you know that I had
a GREAT time with Captain
Scooby and Fernando last Sunday
on our fishing trip.   I ended up
extending the trip one hour so we
could head out further for mahi
mahi.     I caught a shark, a tuna
and 3 mahi mahi's but
unfortunately 2 got away as I was
not very good at reeling them in
(not very strong in my arms), but I
did have them briefly on my line
which was exciting.

Thanks again for the great
memories, I can't wait to show my
friends back home the pics from
my fishing trip.

read more
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
October 16 2017

Went out on Scooby's Panga...
caught 2 big Marlin... 1  at 250
lbs the other over 500 lbs. these
guys worked hard for us to catch
those big fish. Can't say enough
good things about Scooby and
his crew.
read full Puerto Vallarta fishing
review October 16 2017
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review December 05 2017
105” sailfish!
Me, my daughter and wife
booked a 10 hour trip with
captain Scoopie. They were
very friendly and know how to
fish. They would change lures
and bait. Move around and try
to find fish. We had the boat to
ourselves. Captain and first
mate. We wanted to go big or
go home. We caught some
tunas and my daughter got to
land one. Then we trolled until
read more
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review
January 2018
We had a great time with
captain Scooby on the
super panga and caught 2
Mahi Mahi mahi and are
getting one of them

read more
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review December 2017
Trophy Bill Fish
I started working at setting up
a deep sea fishing charter a
couple weeks before heading
down to Puerto Vallarta and
from the start Damon was
very timely and responsive
with returning my emails and
read more
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review February 05 2018
PV Sportfishing is awesome
My wife and I took a 6 hour
charter on a 29 foot Super
Penga. Captain Scooby was
awesome!!!!! We requested
that we stay in the bay and
Scooby put us on the Jacks
right away. We landed 10
before we had to take a break
and request that the crew real
one in. Was fast action. To  
read more
Puerto Vallarta
fishing review
February 07 2018
I've fished with PV fishing
before and have always been
treated right and been
successful. This time Damon
hooked me up with Captain
Scooby and Mario a.k.a.
"Chicken" on the "Guana
Tuna II" I arrived at 8:00 a.m.
on a cruise ship. Scooby met
me at the marina dock on time
and as planned.
read more
Puerto Vallarta fishing
review June 2018
Capt. Scooby took wife my
grandson and I  on snorkeling
trip to Los Arcos and he made
sure we had a great time and
cared for 5 yr. old grandson so
I could get some alone time in
water. He took me on 8 hr.
fishing trip were we caught
enough bonitas for read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
June 2018
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
February 2016
Booked the Super Panga for four
days this time around.Needless to
say the fishing and experience was
great. Caught fish every day due to
cesar and his mate jose hard work.
The two of them never rested. We
caught Jack, Rooster, Mahi, Tuna,
Mackerel, Needle fish Skip jack.
Tuna ranged from 170 to 70 lbs.
The great thing about going fishing
with these guys is that they love to
fish,and love to see you catch fish. If
you have a passion for fishing and
want a captain that has that same
passion I highly recommend PV
Sport fishing and Cesar! read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing review
February 2016