Puerto Vallarta fishing review January 2016 My dad and I booked three, 10 hour fishing trips in the week we were in
Mexico with PV Sportfising just before Christmas. We have always wanted to catch bill fish but we knew that they wouldn't
come easy and fishing is a patient game. We met our crew of Marcelino and Alejandro at Los Peines pier at 6am on the
first day, they were quiet but prepared, they looked like they knew what they were doing. we were on a 29ft super panga
which took us 2 hours to get to where we would begin to fish. within half an hour we had a follow on our bait which we
believe was a striped marlin but it didn't take. We caught a bull dorado a few hours later and everything was quiet after
that barring another follow from a marlin, you could see the bill come out of the water and take the bait, it only bit off the
back half of the bait though so we were 6 inches away from hooking it. The skipper then took us into the bay and
dropped a live bait, within 30 seconds the reels were screaming and we'd hooked into to jack crevalles which fought like
mad, overall a good end to a quiet day, they did everything they could to get us on the fish. The second day was choppy
and it didn't look great but nevertheless we caught a decent sized sailfish and a bull dorado again. The third and final
day looked promising, there was lots of birds working and the crew were once again working tirelessly to get us on the
fish, we came across an area where there was lots of dorado, we caught one and hooked a larger one which got away
under the boat. At this point Marcelino said we're going after bill fish, he only really seemed interested in marlin but I think
that;s because he knew that was what we wanted to catch. An hour later the reel went a little bit, we though it had just
come out of the clip but Marcelino was straight to the back of the boat working the bait to get a bite, he handed the rod to
me and said marlin. What a fight! I fought it for two hours with it jumping spectacularly. Marcelino and Alejandro were
constantly on the lookout for where it was going so they could move the boat in line to allow me to fight it on my own.
eventually, after getting the fish to the boat we landed what we thought to be a 400lb blue marlin, I've still got blisters from
the immense fight but I will never forget it. What an experience to share with my dad. They put us through to a company
which were offering to have it mounted but we declined as it would have cost us too much to get it back to the UK. overall
this trip has been the trip of a lifetime, I would recommend this company to anyone going, particularly Marcelino and
Alejandro, they seemed to know everything there is about fishing and if anyone is going to catch its going to be them.
Would do again! we also tipped $50USD every day on top of the cost of the trip which was $450USD per day I think which
the gratefully accepted, very nice people.
Reviewed January 2016
Alec D
PV Sportfishing
Puerto Vallarta fishing
Puerto Vallarta fishing review by  PV Sportfishing.