What is the average size of Marlin in Puerto Vallarta?
the Average size of Black and Blue Marlin in Puerto Vallarta is 200-500 lbs the Puerto
Vallarta tournament record is 718 lbs the record is held by team
My Marlin seen in
photo above.  

What are the best months of the year for Big Marlin In Puerto Vallarta?
You can normally catch Blue and Black Marlin starting mid June to mid December
check out our
fish chart for more info or contact us

Can You catch Striped Marlin in Puerto Vallarta?
Yes but in the colder months of the year January - April.

What is the average size of Striped Marlin in Puerto Vallarta?
Striped Marlin are smaller then Blue or Black Marlin and normally average bewtween
50-120 lbs

How long of a fishing Charter should I book if I want to catch Marlin in Puerto
You normally need a 10-14 hour fishing charter to catch Marlin In Puerto Vallarta.

Why so long?
The Marlin fishing grounds in Puerto Vallarta is offshore normally at least 36 miles
sometimes up to 75 miles so you need to give yourself some time Marlin are a great
game fish to catch but not it is not a simply task. Also it takes time to reel in a big
Marlin depending on an anglers experience and size of the Marlin sometimes it can
take 3 hours just to get the fish to the boat.

Does Puerto Vallarta host any Marlin Tournaments?
Yes Puerto Vallarta has 2 big tournaments a year one held at the La Cruz Marina in
July, and other here in the Marina Vallarta in November. See more
Marlin tournament

Is it better to fish for Marlin at La Corbetena or the Bank ?
It just depends on the day sometimes the Bank is hot sometimes La Corbetena that's
fishing. You can check out our latest
Puerto Vallarta fishing report for more info or
contact us.

How long does it take to reel in a big Marlin?
Depending on size and experience of the angler it can take a 30 minutes or up to 3

How Many Marlins can I expect to catch?
Boat limit is 3 Marlins.

Do You Practice catch and release?
Yes We like to catch and release all Billfish but it is not enforced.

Can I get taxidermy done of my Puerto Vallarta Marlin?
Yes We offer Professional taxidermy service just ask your captain on Your fishing
charter and he will give you the details after your big catch.
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Puerto Vallarta Marlin Fishing Q and A