PV Sportfishing review 09/23/12
On my last Carnival cruise Sept 23rd through Sept 30th 2012 with my lovely wife Karen to the Mexican Riviera, we
stopped in Puerto Vallarta.   My wife knows I love fishing and doesn't at all mind if I take time from our travels to fish
where ever we go in the world.
Weeks before we left, I contacted Damon through PV Sportfishing and I was lucky enough to book a fishing trip with
Capt Hector on the Bella Del Mar.  It was a very comfortable 29 foot super panga with a live bait tank, canopy,
great gear and a great Capt plus a very excellent and,friendly deck hand.  It started that morning late as I couldn't
get off the cruise ship until 10:30am.  I took a 5 minute taxi to the PV lighthouse where Capt Hector's very nice wife
Mony escorted me to the marina and introduced me to Capt Hector.  I climbed aboard and we set off for one of the
best fishing trips of my life!  On the the way out we caught some good bait sized bonita in case we hit the big fish.  
Within a few hours we were trolling around the Corbetena area and right away hooked with a 120lb Sailfish.  I could
tell the sea was Capt Hector's back yard as he is expert in reading the signs that the big ones were there.  Shortly
after we hooked on a 80lb tuna...then another 100lb tuna.  We took turns bring in the 100lb as I was pretty tired
out reeling in the last two fish.  After that we got on to school of smaller tuna and albacore with live bait and landed
5 more around 20-30 lbs.  We fished until around 7:30pm and headed back in after a terrific days fishing!  To cap
off the fun...the deckhand spotted a 10 foot alligator cruising the marina as we were unloading!  The deckhand
broke out a rod and a lure and hooked up that alligator and brought it to the boat.  It bit off the line and swam
away.  Capt Hector's lovely wife gave me ride back to the cruise ship after the best fishing trip ever!
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