PV Record Braking Marlin Caught by Captain Steve Torres
4 hours $600 USD inshore
6 hours-$750 USD inshore
8 hours-$1,050 USD 18-22 miles offshore
10 hours-$1,250 USD 22-30 miles offshore
12 hours-$1,450 USD 36 miles Corbetena
14 hours-$1,650 USD 36 miles
Overnight 24 hrs el banco 50 miles $3,500 USD
Ovenight 36 hours 50-70 miles $4,700 USD
Overnight 2.5 day's 60 hours 80-120 + miles $5,700
trips include
*live bait
*fishing licenses
*tackle, nicest lures You can find Captain
Steve only likes fishing with the best
Reels include top of the line 16s, 30s, 50s,
60s , and 80s,
*Flouro Carbon leader
*Penn kites
* onboard cooler filled with ice
*and the hardest working crew in Puerto
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If You want to catch big Game fish in Puerto Vallarta this is the crew and boat that You want. the My Marlin is one of the fastest fishing
vessels in Puerto Vallarta and is run by the hardest working crew maybe world wide, big statement well I've been sport fishing with lots of
crew's and it's rare to find a team  that is as passionate about fishing as this team the whole crew are Veteran Puerto Vallarta captains that
have been in Puerto Vallarta basically there whole life and have won more Marlin  tournaments then any other crew in Puerto Vallarta and
see recent 1st place Marlin video's below.  If You need any more info about Puerto Vallarta fishing or for reservations please
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The Crew
Captain Steve Torres and his team of captains and
crew's have been featured on
ESPN, Marlin
, Florida Sportfishing magazine and
World Wide Fishing Guide
as the #1 Charter Crew to
go with in Puerto Vallarta! the My Marlin team is
Sponsored by
Fish Works, Tiburon engineering  The
My marlin
is definitly a boat and crew that You can
trust will put You on the Puerto Vallarta Game fish
Captain Steve Torres also made history in 2007 when
He caught the
record braking Black Marlin in the
annual Marlin and Sailfish tournament see photo on
the right Captain Steve is the one sitting next to the
Marlin with the yellow shirt. Captain Steve is one of the
most well known Captains here in Puerto Vallarta and
world wide Steve is also
2 time WBS World Billfish
Series champion
and caught the largest yellow fin
tuna in the last 3 years here in PV 358 lbs see  photos
this is definetly the hottest boat and crew in
Puerto Vallarta
.  Check out our recent Puerto Vallarta
fishing reports to see what the guys have been
catching!  For more info about the crew, more photos
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PV Sportfishing
1st place Marlin Tournament video's and reports with captain Steve Torres
Puerto Vallarta fishing charters
The Boat - My Marlin
28 ft classic Bertram Sportfisher for up to 5 anglers  Its
clean, simple layout easily accommodates four
stand-up anglers and we also put in a new custom
built tuna tubes and live bait tank She rides like a
luxury yacht exceptionally soft in choppy head seas
and is one of the driest running hulls in the business.  
La Cruz Nayarit annual Marlin and Tuna tournament
July 16 2011
Captain Steve Torres and captain Luis Ramos come out on top this year  taking home 1st and 2nd place Marlin
in this years 5th Annual Marlin and Tuna tournament. It was a great tournament lots of  Blue Marlin, Yellowfin
tuna, Sailfish and Mahi mahi. 1st place Marlin went to Captain Steve Torres and Captain Luis Ramos won 2nd
place Marlin aboard the
 Read full Marlin and Tuna tournament fishing report
Eastcape Bisbee Marlin Tournament  Report with PV Sportfishing July/30/2011
Lots of fish just not to big, with over 60 boats competing this year there was only 1 marlin that qualified in all 3
days of the tournament, But that’s fishing you never know when the big Marlin is going to bite.
Day 1 Great conditions blue flat seas but we were having trouble finding the bigger skippies we wanted for a
big Marlin sure you can catch big Marlin with smaller bait but you will have much better luck with bigger baits.
Steve Torres hooked up a nice Blue Marlin around 1pm but not quite a qualifier but still a nice fish so Freddy
released her and that was about it for day 1.  
Day 2
We had much better luck in the morning caught 8 big skippies right off the read full Bissbee's tournament
fishing report July 2011
Day 2 Captain Steve said we are going to the bank to troll some big live baits and catch a Marlin around 10 am
thats exactly what happened the black hit a live skip jack leaped in the air and the fight was on1 hour 10
minutes later the beast was on the boat great fight great video of the
Black Marlin leaping in the air the Black
Marlin set a new record for San Blas Tournament 517 lbs!! Read full
Fishing Tournament report June 2011
1st Place Team  Barra De Navidad Fishing Tournament January/24/ 2011
Captain Steve Torres takes 1st place team in Barra de Navidad tournament
Great week of fishing from start to finish. We prefished the day before the tournament checking out the fishing
grounds it was perfect conditions nice warm water 80-82 flat blue sea's our first bite of the day was a small
Marlin probable about 60 lbsWe reeled her in quick and Freddy pulled the Marlin aboard for a quick
photo and then released her to be caught later.

Day 1 of the tournament We headed out  at 8 am, same great conditions clean warm water and alot of stripers
about 40 miles offshore. We had
Read full Fishing Tournament report January 2011
1st place Marlin in Topolobampo Mexico May/30/2010
Captain Steve Torres and the crew  do it again, taking home 3 cars at last weeks 19th annual Marlin
tournament held in Topolobampo Sinaloa Mexico, catching the largest Marlin since record 415 lbs! The
blue beast was caught with the first 50 wt Tiburon Reels on the Market custom made for Captain Steve,
with 130 lb IGFA Spectra and a 100 yards of top shot 100 lb Mono Philament Diamond Momoi. She bit a
live Skip Jack trolling a little before 1 pm. We fished 2 days before the tournament learning the fishing
grounds. The first morning Captain Steve found a nice structure at the bottom of the ocean perfect for big
Marlin fishing 4 miles west of the farallon rock so We decided to fish that area with live bait the whole
tournament. read full
Fishing Tournament report May 2010
2nd place Marlin August 15 2010 at the Marlin and Tuna  tournament  held in La Cruz Marina, Captain Steve
caught the 295 black Marlin with Live bait the 2nd day of the tournament read full Tournament report
August 2010
56th Annual Marlin and Sailfish Tournament report November/12/2011
Captain Steve Torres and team do it again this time winning at home at the 56th annual Marlin and
Sailfish Tournament with a 481 lb Black Marlin. The crew caught the Tournament winner the 2nd day of
the 3 day tournament with live bait on a downrigger trolling  the canyons at El Banco.  We started the day
at 1 am lost 2 smaller Marlin  
 Read full Sailfish and Marlin tournament report here
1st place Marlin and Tuna tournament in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in 2013
We had a great time this last weekend even though no one caught any Tuna or Dorado I think every boat
caught a Marlin at El Banco.
Day 1 We departed from paradise village at 7am and reached the bank a little after 9am. The team caught live
bait and We started trolling the fishing was very slow for us all day just a small Sailfish nibble in the morning but
then a little after 3pm We had our first Marlin strike then another and just like that We had a double hook up.  
Read full fishing tournament report