La Cruz fishing
La cruz fishing is the same fishing as Puerto Vallarta fishing
except You have the luxury of taking a shorter boat ride when
Your fishing out of la Cruz, as of right now all of Our boats are
still in the Marina Vallarta but We do offer pick ups in La Cruz
Marina so if You would like to charter one of Our boats and
You are staying in la Cruz don't worry about it We will pick You
up at the La Cruz Marina. And like I said before La Cruz
fishing is exactly the same as Puerto Vallarta fishing You are
stilll fishing for Marlin, Yellow fin tuna, sailfish, dorado, Wahoo,
and more!  You are hitting the same fishing  grounds the
difference is You can hit el morro 22 miles out from Puerto
Vallarta in 6 hour day or hit the bank 50 miles out from Puerto
Vallarta in a 8 hour day. So take a extra hour of sleep and We
will wake up early and Meet You at the docks for more info
La Cruz fishing contact us.
is dedicated to customer service  whether You are coming to
La Cruz or Puerto Vallarta for your Vacation we will do
everything we can to accommodate what You need to catch
some fish!
La Cruz fishing
with PV Sportfishing
coming soon
PV Sportfishing is located in the Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more information about us or about Puerto Vallarta
fishing please give us a call, send us an
e-mail or click links below to learn more about Puerto Vallarta fishing.

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