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Puerto Vallarta fishing report November 2019
There has been some big catches this November We had the 64th annual Sailfish and
Marlin Tournament.
Team Sophia won 2nd place Marlin, and Team Marshell 1st place
catch and release fishing aboard the Tiliche.  Captain Scooby  and angler David
Higginbottom caught the biggest fish of the month a 500 lb +
Black Marlin on the 25th
aboard the
Super Panga.  Congratulations to David and Captain Scooby for the epic
catch.  The Dorado or Mahi Mahi bite has stayed consistent throughout the month
inshore and offshore. Inshore the Dorado have had an average size of 6-12 lbs and off
the point 15-20 lbs.  We have also caught a few Dodos offshore in the 30 lb + range.  
Sailfish have been abundant on 8-10 hour fishing charters the average Sailfish size has
been 60-120 lbs.  We have also been catching Jack Crevalle, Roosterfish,  and
Bonitas.  The Yellowfin Tuna have continued to bite past the 3rd islands 120 miles
offshore on our our 2.5 day 60 hour overnight fishing charter.  The Tuna's average size
has been 60-120 lbs with a few in the 200 and 300 lb range as well.  For a more
updated Puerto Vallarta fishing report please email us directly at