Largest Marlin day #1 of the Pez vela and Marlin   tournament November 12th 2009 385 lbs
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report November 20th 2009, the bank has really starting
heating up with blue marlin and bigger yellowfin tuna the average size is 60-120 lbs the biggest one
last week was 267 lbs but we are docking yellowfin everyday if you have been waiting to see when
the yellowfin were going to be high season this is it, but you need to make the 50 mile hull to El Banco
the tuna are boiling 5 miles north . the blue
marlin are also running at the bank averaging 300-400 lbs,
Marco Sildini went out last Saturday tagged 2 blues a sailfish and docked 2 tuna's  
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see photos from trip. anyday now we will start seeing the schools of the big cow tuna. until the next
big fish.
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report, by  PV Sportfishing.
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