Puerto Vallarta fishing reports 2007
Puerto Vallarta fishing report by PV Sportfishing.  
Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 16 2007
this last week has been an exiting week here in Puerto Vallarta those huge billfish that
Puerto Vallarta is knowed for are back and in great numbers Corbetena has turned red hot
with 100-700 lb blue and black marlins,  and 100 + sailfish we have been averaging 2
marlins every charter all 100 lb + Puerto Vallarta Had its annual marlin tournament last
weekend and  Captain Steve did it again yep he took home the $10,000 dollar prize with a
750 lb black marlin Steve is the captain of the 2006 lurhs sportfisher check out  photos on
our charter page or
contact us. it has been a pretty exciting week with all the marlins but
thats not all we have been catching.  Those 300 lb+ tuna's are still hiding but but we have
been catching there kids 40-60 lb yellow fin  also feeding a little north of corbetena. Also
mahi mahi, roosterfish, and Jack Crevelle right outside of the bay.  But if you get out there
right now for a 8- 10 hour day you are guaranteed a nice sized Billfish!
Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 19th 2007
well it has been a great week of fishing here in Puerto Vallarta the bank has been red hot
with monster yellow fin tuna jumping around averaging 150-300 + went out yesterday for
a 12 hour day with Larry Anderson on the 2006 lurhs with captain Steve Torres and mate
Freddy Rodriguez right when we reached the bank we saw them jumping all over the
place so we starting trolling and picked up a mahi mahi it was a nice fish but not what we
were looking for so we starting kite fishing just chasing these monster's around but did
not get a bite so around 4 pm we tried just  drifting with live bait and 5 minutes later a
nice yellow fin was hooked up it was about an 1 hour fight in the hottest part of the day I
think Larry lost a few pounds reeling the tuna in but it was all worth it. Right now the bank
is wide open and is only going to get better until December 300-1000 lb marlin, mahi
mahi, red snapper, and of course our favorite yellow fin tuna! for more info please
contact us
Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 27th 2007. Well the Puerto Vallarta
fishing season has officially started.  Another great week of fishing but yesterday was
definetly the highlight I told everyone we would dock the first 300 + cow again this
season and yesterday September 26th was the day! Captain Steve Torres and crew
mate Freddy Rodriguez did it again docking a 340 lb yellow fin tuna with client Mark
Shwab on the 2006 luhrs! they headed out to the bank at 7 am the day started a little
slow but you could smell the tuna in the air well not really but you could see them
jumping around.  We reached the banks a little before 9 caught some live bait and
starting trolling did not get a bite until about noon and hooked a nice 300 +  marlin.
Then about 3 pm still trolling with live bait hooked up with with a 340 lb yellow fin beast
took about 3 hours to pull in but look at this cow what a beast! Now this Pig was still out
in the sun and did not get weighed with an official scale until about 9pm so it easily lost
a few pounds on the way in but never the less still hit an official 340. Well Mark is
coming again with us this Friday he only needs 50 more lbs to beat the world record so
he's going for it and why not someone is going to break the record this year why not
him! for more photos or info
contact us
October 2nd 2007 Puerto Vallarta fishing Report By Rich lowarance.  It was a
great trip October 2. We ended up going on the Sirena with Capt. Steve and
what a day I have attached photos for you. The black Marlin was est. at 560
lbs+, the sailfish was 9 ft. long and the Bull dorado was 64 inches. We caught
5 other dorado and asked Steve to take us to the dock early as we were slap
worn out. My wife and I truly had the trip of a lifetime by any standards. If you
can post these photos.
October 28th 2007 Puerto Vallarta fishing report by PV Sportfishing
The tides have changed this last week and the hot spot has changed from the banks
to Corbetena. Corbetena is 36 miles out ans  is boiling with yellow fin  tuna, marlin,
and mahi mahi! the sailfish are starting to grow in huge numbers over by the point. So
its safe to say the Puerto Vallarta fishing season has just begun!  Here is a small
report by mark koster who fishig us last week. Thanks for the great time fishing for two
days inOctober 2007.  My captain was the best, Steve Torres and Freddy the mate
was great.  Steve will catch you fish or die trying! I caught the biggest fish in my life
with the 250 lb Tuna and just missed out on a huge Marlin.  I never saw her, but with
the size of the bait she took (8 lb skip jack) and the line that was peeled off in a short
period of time I know it had to be huge.  I also caught my biggest Dorado ever, over 5
feet long.  Day two was when we hooked up the Marlin and although she got off I still
landed 8 nice Dorado all putting up great fights.  You guys are the best and I look
forward to coming back next year to get the big Marlin.  
Tight Lines
Mark Koster
Puerto Vallarta is hosting the 52nd sailfish and marlin tournament November 15th to
the 18th with prize money and daily jackpots
. contact us for more info.
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