Puerto Vallarta fishing report
March 2013
We had a big wind storm last
week and right after that about 12
miles outside of el Banco starting
boiling with Yellowfin tuna
averaging 50-150 lbs also We've  
been catching big Mah mahi  at
the bank and Corbetena
averaging 15-40 lbs. Inside the
bay is very cold right not alot of
action but if you get outside to the
point of punta de mita and
Marrietas We have been catching
Roosterfish, Pargo, and Jack
Crevalle. but the best fishing right
now is definitely outside of the
bank The Yellowfin Tuna are
boiling We have been averaging
6-7 on full day charters
see more
Puerto Vallarta fish report pics
Puerto Vallarta fishing report, by  PV Sportfishing.
Puerto Vallarta is hosting the 58th Sailfish and
marlin tournament November 13-16 with  prize
money and daily jackpots
. contact us for more info
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P.V Sportfishing practices and encourages catch
and release but if you want to take your catch
home we understand.  After the catch,
Will skin and cut your catch we also
offer a freezer service if you would like to bring  
your fresh catch home. Or you can also make a
great game fish trophy and have it shipped back
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PV Sportfishing is located in the marina vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more information about us or about Puerto Vallarta fishing
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Puerto Vallarta fishing
report January -05-2011.

Welcome to a new year of
Puerto Vallarta fishing !
Offshore nothing has slowed
down the big Yellowfin tuna
are still boiling at the islands
and averaging over 150 lbs
and up You get 60 + miles
offshore and it is a Tuna
frenzy! Brent Fleming went out
on a overnight trip with
Captain Steve Torres on The
Ana Maria and nailed 11 in
one day the biggest one seen
in photo check out more
photos from this epic fishing
trip here. the bigger Blue and
Black Marlin a have swam for
warmer waters and we are
starting to see more Sailfish
and Striped Marlin both
averaging 70-120 lbs. The
inshore bite has been good
but you still need to make it
out to the point to get alot of
action Snapper, Roosterfish,
and lots of Jack Crevalle.  for
more info
contact us
Puerto Vallarta fishing
report Jan-10-2011
I cannot say enough about all
the People involved with
Sportfishing.  I just got back
from a 14 hour day aboard the
Animal House and had a
blast!!! I was supposed to Be
aboard the Sirena but she had
some motor issues, so Damon
upgraded me to the Ana
Maria.  Well as we all know
Salt water is hard on boats and
the morning of my fishing day
the Ana Maria also had some
issues so Once again Damon
was on it and Called up the
Captain and Crew of the
beautiful Cabo yacht Animal
House. I think they were
actually asleep when he called
them but they were there in no
time!!  After leaving the docks
it seemed like no time we were
already 55 miles offshore and
fishing. The Animal house
hauls!  It started off a little slow
but around 12pm we had our
first hook up.  Flying the penn
kite the captain hooked onto a
beautiful Yellowfin tuna and the
fight was on!! What incredible
power those fish have! see full
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
January 2011
Puerto Vallarta fishing
Tournament January 2011
Captain Steve Torres and team
ana Maria take 1st place team in
Barra de Navidad tournament
Great week of fishing from start
to finish. We prefished the day
before the tournament checking
out the fishing grounds it was
perfect conditions nice warm
water 80-82 flat blue sea's our
first bite of the day was a small
striped Marlin probable about 60
lbs jmark reeled her in quick and
Freddy pulled the
Marlin aboard
for a quick photo and then
released her to be caught later.
Day 1 of the tournament We
headed out aboard the
Maria at 8 am, same great
conditions clean warm water and
alot of stripers about 40 miles
offshore. Read full
fishing report
Puerto Vallarta fishing
report February- 2011
Its been a up and down month of
fishing here in Puerto Vallarta we
had a couple of wind storms then
everything smoothed out and the
offshore fishing picked up big
time lots of Yellowfin tuna
averaging 100-250 lbs  and
Striped Marlins averaging 70-110
lbs. the inshore bite has been fun
expecially for all you fly fishermen
there is alot of Jack crevalle,
Amberjack, and Spanish
Mackeral. to be caught, El morro
has been hot with big African
Pompano and Grouper. the water
is starting to heat up finally and it
will only be a few months until
those big
Marlins are back in
fishing season the first Marlin
tournament of the year here in
Puerto Vallarta will be held in La
Cruz Marina July-2011 see info
from last year
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
March 2011
It has been a good  month of
fishing here in Puerto Vallarta
the winter is over and we are
starting to feel the heat again
and are seeing lots of warmer
and cleaner water offshore
some days have been better
then others but everything is out
there to catch as long as you
give yourself enough time We
caught 2 Sailfish at the rock last
week also a Striped Marlin at
the bank Zach Morrow did full
day aboard the Ana Maria  to
the outer sand banks and caught
a nice 100+ Yellowfin tuna for
his 2nd trip back to Puerto
Vallarta Zach came for the 1st
time in january 2011 click here
to see Zach's first trip.
the Puerto Vallarta inshore bite
has also been either off the north
or south coast everyday has
been different but alot of action
Roosterfish, Jack crevalle,
Spanish Mackeral.
Sander van Veenendaal took
out the Super panga last week
and naled a Huge roosterfish
check out inshore
fishing report  
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
with April 2011

As the water heats up we will
start seeing more and more
Dorado and Sailfish in the next
couple weeks, the bite has
already started and you can see
the water is cleaning up and
Billfish season is right around the
corner. We caught a nice Sailfish
North of La Corbetena around
100 lbs The Sailfish bit dead bait
trolling about 7 knots.  
Roosterfish and Red Snapper
bite was red hot off the point. The
Roosterfish are big in size  
averaging 15-30 lbs biting live
bait. The Snappers are big as
well averaging 10-30 lbs.  Inside
Banderas bay there is alot of
Smaller action Spanish Mackeral
and Jack Crevalle biting off the
north coast line.

For more updated Puerto
Vallarta fishing report please  
contact us
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
May 2011
with PV Sportfishing
The month of May is always a
great time for fishing in Puerto
Vallarta. The summer heat starts
to warm up the water, and the big
Puerto Vallarta fishing season
begins. The water temps between
el morro and La Corbetena have
been between 85-87  the last 2
days and the smaller football  
tuna's are boiling. average size
this last week has been 15-40 lbs
biting live goggle eye bait slow .
See full fishing report here
Team Ana Maria set new
Marlin record in San blas
Tournament  517 lb Marlin

Day 2 Captain Steve said we are
going to the bank to troll some
big live baits and catch a Marlin
around 10 am thats exactly what
happened the black hit a live skip
jack leaped in the air and the
fight was on1 hour 10 minutes
later the beast was on the boat
great fight great video of the
Black Marlin leaping in the air the
Black Marlin set a new record for
San Blas Tournament 517 lbs!!
See video and
full tournament
Puerto Vallarta fishing report -
 June / 27/2011
The Yellowfin tuna bite is hot
inshore and offshore inshore the
tuna's are biting  on the
southside of the bay off the tip of
el faro averaging size 15-30 lbs
offshore 36 miles  at Corbetena
is red hot with 20-70 lb Yellowfin
tuna bitting live bait drifting and
fishing with the kite, Black
Marlins are also popping up at El
Banco water temps are between
83- 86 so we are at about prime
season for bigger  Black Marlins
to start biting weekly
see full Puerto Vallarta fishing
report June 27 2011
La Cruz Nayarit annual Marlin
and Tuna tournament
July 16 2011
PV Sportfishing comes out on
top this year with our twin 35
Cabo’s taking home 1st and 2nd
place Marlin in this years 5th
Annual Marlin and Tuna
tournament. It was a great
tournament lots of  Blue Marlin,
Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish and Mahi
mahi. 1st place Marlin went to
Captain Steve Torres on the Ana
Maria and  Captain Luis Ramos
won 2nd place Marlin aboard the
Read full Puerto Vallarta
fishing report here
Tournament  Report with PV
Sportfishing July/30th
Lots of fish just not to big, with over
60 boats competing this year there
was only 1 marlin that qualified in all
3 days of the tournament, But that’s
fishing you never know when the big
Marlin is going to bite.
Day 1 Great conditions blue flat
seas but we were having trouble
finding the bigger skippies we
wanted for a big Marlin sure you
can catch big Marlin with smaller
bait but you will have much better
luck with bigger baits. Steve Torres
hooked up a nice Blue Marlin
around 1pm but not quite a qualifier
but still a nice fish so Freddy
released her and that was about it
for day 1.  Day 2
We had much better luck in the
morning caught 8 big skippies right
off the bat  
 Read full fishing
report here and see more pics
Puerto Vallarta fishing Report
Hot Marlin and Sailfish Bite!
Puerto Vallarta fishing does not
get much better then this! lots of
Marlin and Sailfish at la
Corbetena and lots of Sailfish,
Jacks, and Snapper at
Marrietas, and el morro and of
course there is Yellowfin tuna
every where inshore and
offshore. Inshore Tuna's expect
15-40 lb range Tuna's offshore
20-200 lbs We have not seen
any cow's yet but get ready for
some cow tuna reports soon.
Offshore for Marlin has been
150-300 lbs the biggest blue last
week was on the super panga
around 400lbs photos coming
soon. enjoy the video
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
August 25 2011
by Larry Haynes
Fished again this year with
Steve and Freddy on the Ana
BLUF: Feeling like the second
luckiest guy in Vallarta - caught
a couple cows last year and this
year it was a 622lb Blue Marlin
with Steve and Freddy's help.
Met Capt Steve, Freddy, and
our new amigo Joel at the light
house at 0600. Then it was off to
the rock.Made it to Corbetena
about 0800ish to find poor
weather, more logs and stumps
in the water than you can shake
a stick at (ha ha), and
off-colored  read
Puerto Vallarta  report
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
September 2011
its been a great month of fishing
all the big game fish
are here and hungry, the biggest
catches of the month 450 blue
Marlin, 260 lb Black Marlin, 255
lbs Yellowfin tuna, 98 lb Sailfish,
and 53 lb Mahi mahi. its been a
flip of the coin each day which is
going to be better fishing the
Bank or Corbetena, The
Yellowfin tuna have been biting
live skip Jacks and goggle eyes.
Sailfish We have had lots of luck
with dead bait slow trolling in
open water. The Marlin have
also been biting live bait mid
sized skippies. mahi mahi have
been biting live goggle eyes.
The Yellowfin tuna have benn
getting bigger and bigger so
expect some 300+cow reports
soon, and alot more Black Marlin
reports, before last week there
has been lots of blue's but this
last week We have caught 3
blacks all over 200 lbs. We
tagged 1 at El Corbetena 1 at
the bank and 1 more came belly
up after long fight  at Corbetena.  
Puerto Vallarta fishing does not
get much better then this the only
game fish we are missing right
is Wahoo which normally show
up mid October  Puerto Vallarta
will be holding the 55th annual
Marlin and Sailfish Tournament
this November 10th, 11th, and
12th with Cash and prizes for
more info
contact us
PV Sportfishing
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
October  2011 Cowtown
Great month of fishing  inshore
and offshore everything is biting
in Puerto Vallarta  every day was
a little different wether  We
would catch big Marlin, Cow
tuna,  mahi mahi or Sailfish.
Some day’s were easier then
other’s  some day’s we just hit
Corbetena and the Tuna’s would
be boiling and others day’s You
had to work hard to find the  big
fish.  We started and ended the
month with a bang  starting out
with Weldon Stanford catching a
200+ tuna on the 1st  then
yesterday the boy’s nailed a 250
lb+ Cow Yellowfin tuna to end
the month along with releasing 2
Blue’s over 300 lbs and 1
Sailfish all in a day's work it
definetly sets the tone for a  
great tournament coming up on
the 10th of November held here
at the Marina Vallarta with over
$300,000 dollars in prizes.
inshore fishing has also red hot
you can find lots of smaller
footabll size Yellowfin tuna and
also smaller mahi mahi, both
biting on live bait inside the bay.
Check out more Puerto
Vallarta fishing October
highlight pics here  Fishing
in Puerto Vallarta with
Sportfishing. or contact us
anytime for updated Puerto
Vallarta fishing report.
The 56th Annual Marlin and
November 12-2011.
Captain Steve Torres and team
Ana Maria do it again this time
winning at home at the 56th
annual Marlin and Sailfish
Tournament with a 481 lb black
Marlin. The Ana Maria crew
caught Tournament winner the
2nd day of the 3 day tournament
with live bait on a downrigger
trolling  the canyons at El Banco.
We started the day at 1 am lost
2 smaller Marlins early in the
morning but it was all worth it
when this 481 lb Black Marlin hit
the decks about 12:30. Read
and See live 1st Place
Marlin fishing video
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
December 2011
 Sailfish, Puerto
Vallarta's inshore bite has been
incredible the last couple weeks
Sailfish, Smaller Yellowfin tuna
averaging 10-40 lbs, big
Roosterfish, Grouper, African
Pompano, and Jack Crevalle. You
can expect to catch any one of
these species if not all  on a 4-8
hour sportfishing charter inside
Banderas bay. The Puerto Vallarta
offshore bite Corbetena and the
bank have been keep reading
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
December 2011
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
January 10 2012
We are seeing lots of changes in
currents and water temps the first
couple day's of the year  started
slow with green water but now the
water has cleaned up an is
steady above 70 degrees and
both El Corbetena and El banco
have With the weather cooling
down been producing striped
Marlin, Yellowfin tuna, and
Sailfish, The Striped Marlin have
been biting live bait and lures
slow trolling with teaser's
between 5-7 knots The
yellowfin tuna are biting live bait
trolling and drifting. Inshore off the
point the Roosterfish have been  
biting non stop averaging 10-40
read more
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
February 2012
overnight charter Jan-31 to Feb-1st
what a trip as soon as We hit the
fishing grounds put the kites out 2
big tuna's jumped out of the water 5
minutes later Freddy hooked a 200 +
Yellowfin tuna on a 20 reel Jmark
Started reeling her in and after a
couple laps around the boat Freddy
Gaffed the cow and pulled her
aboard the Ana Maria. While Mark
was fighting the big Tuna the boat
had drifted close to the Island so
captain Steve decided to troll back to
where we had started and on the way
a nice striped Marlin hit a Lure Mark
Reeled the striper in fast and Jaun
pulled her up for a photo then
released  .
Read full Puerto
Vallarta fishing report here
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
April 2012.
The Mahi mahi bite has been
been picking up this last week
outside of Corbetena averaging
15-40 lbs also nice sized
Groupers biting off the rock, we  
caught a nice Sailfish a few miles
north of El banco and the  
Yellowfin Tuna bite has slowed
down but that can change any
day. As the weather starts to heat
up so will the fishing the warmer
the water the bigger the fish! El
morro has had a very steady bite
lots of Roosterfish, and Jack
crevalle also a caught a couple
mahi mahi's  at el morro last week
but it was a much better mahi
bite offshore.  for more updated
contact us
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
August 2012
The Billfish have been red hot
blue Marlin and Sailfish biting at
La Corbetena and El Banco. El
Banco has also been producing
lots of Yellowfin tuna averaging
40-80 lbs.  We also caught one
over 200 lbs last week. Inshore
fishing is also picking up we
caught a couple nice Yellowfin
tuna's right infront of Yelapa on
the southside of the bay and Mahi
mahi have been biting south and
north of Banderas bay. Everything
is out there right now inshore and
offshore. Check out the video I
recorded last August 2011 to see
what you have to look forward to
fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
in August.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
August 2012
My wife and I recently got the
chance to fish with Cesar Perez
on August 21st at La Corbetana.
The day started out a little slow,
but Cesar had told us earlier to
expect a later in the day bite.
Sure enough, around noon we
started getting hit trolling live baits
and around 12:30 hooked our first
tuna. While i was fighting the first
fish we doubled up and hooked
another about ten minutes in to
my fight. We were able to put four
100 plus pound tuna in the boat,
and got probably a dozen strikes.
reel in a tuna in the 130-150lb
range. My wife usually doesn't
enjoy long days on the water but
she has never had more fun
fishing than we had that day. I
have fished with alot of different
charters throughout Mexico, but i
have never had a better
experience than i did with Cesar.
He and his deckhand were
constantly working like crazy to
put us on the fish. He even made
fresh Ceviche for us to eat on the
boat, and prepared a ton of
frozen tuna for us to take home.
Read more about fishing in
Puerto Vallarta in August
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
October 2012
The Puerto Vallarta  fishing has
been everything You expect in
October.  Marlin, Cow Yellowfin
tuna, Mahi mahi, Wahoo, and
Sailfish.  All the big game fish
anglers look for are biting here in
PV The big cow Yellowfin tuna
have been biting at Corbetena EL
banco and the outer Islands. biting
live bait trolling and drifting. The
Blue and black Marlin have also
been feeding at all three area's
averaging 200-500 lbs and  have
been biting on a slow troll live skip
Jack or Lures.  The Mahi mahi and
Sailfish have been bigger offshore
but have also been biting off the
point of Punta de mita and El
morro along with Jack crevalle,
and smaller football Yellowfin Tuna.
Larry Haynes went out a couple
days on the Ana Maria 1 and Ana
Maria 2 this is his report below We
just returned from our annual trip to
Puerto Vallarta, and fished  with
Capt Steve and Freddy Rodriguez
on the Ana Maria and Ana Maria II,
with outstanding results. This
year's trip was no different than the
past, when it comes to the
phenomenal expertise of the read
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
October 2012
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
November 2012 Marlin Mania!
So far this month Puerto Vallarta
fishing has been incredible the
blue Marlin bite has been
exploding at El Banco. the Marlin
have been biting using slow troll
with lures and also live Skip Jacks
the average size this last week
was 200-300 lbs. We have also
been catching alot of Sailfish
averaging 70-100 lbs biting dead
and live bait. at el morro and
Corbetena. Further offshore at the
Islands there has been a big
Yellowfin tuna bite averaging
100-300 lbs but way offshore
75-100 miles From the Marina
Puerto Vallarta Puerto
Vallarta ad ffishing reportfishing
report November 2012
Want to catch a world
record Tuna
Click here
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Janurary 2013
Welcome to a new year of Puerto
Vallarta fishing We are coming up
on the middle of January and so
far this new year the hot bite has
been at El Banco 50 miles
offshore the Yellowfin tuna have
been boiling averaging 20-70 lbs
our last trip to the bank on the
Super panga captain Cesar came
home with 2 dozen  not the big
Cow Tuna Puerto Vallarta is
known for but still alot of fun to
catch and eat. We have also been
catching Mahi mahi and Sailfish at
El banco the mahi mahi have
been averaging 15-40 lbs and the
Sailfish 70-100 lbs read  full

Puerto Vallarta fishing report
January 2013
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
February 2013
Striped Marlin, Yellowfin tuna,
Sailfish, Mahi mahi, and
Roosterfish have all been caught
this last week in Puerto Vallarta
Roosterfish one of the most sought
out Game fish have been biting live
bait off the point and at Island
Marrietas averaging 10-30 lbs.
Also biting at the Islands and El
morro is Jack Crevalle, Bonitos,
and the occasional smaller
Yellowfin tuna or Mahi mahi. The
bigger Yellowfin tuna,
 read full
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
April 2013
This last week the weather has
been heating up and so has the
water temps inside and outside of
Banderas bay.The Largest fish in
PV right now is Yellowfin Tuna
150-250 lbs and there boiling  but
over 80 miles offshore so you
need a overnight trip to catch
these monsters but if your dream
is to catch a big Yellowfin Tuna it
is definitely worth the time. Down
the north coast by San pancho
there has been alot of mahi biting
averaging 15-40 lbs the bank has
been producing Sailfish and
Striped Marlin.  Inside the bay We
have been catching Jack Crevalle,
bonito's and smaller Pargo for
more info please
contact us.  
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
June 2013
We are right in between fishing
seasons here in Puerto Vallarta.
Winter fish like Striped Marlin and
Roosterfish are still biting along
with Sailfish, Dorado and
Yellowfin Tuna.  Normally We will
catch the first big Black and Blue
Marlin in June as well so look out
for some big Marlin reports
coming soon. Inshore fishing there
has been alot of smaller action
Jack Crevalle, Bonitos and other
smaller species. Sailfish have
been biting Live bait off the point
of Punta de mita and further down
the north shore around the point
We have also been catching
smaller Dorado and Roosterfish.
The Striped Marlin have been
biting about 10 miles past the
Bank and Cow Yellowfin Tuna are
still biting but seem to be getting
even further offshore your looking
at 90-110 mile run for these cow's.
So if you want to catch Yellowfin
Tuna right now a overnight charter
is necessary this time of the year.
Check out more info about our
overnight fishing charters here
Overnight fishing Charters
or click link below to see more
Puerto Vallarta fishing reports
June 2013
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
June 2013,
Dorado, Sailfish, Yellowfin tuna,
Grouper, and more.
The inshore and offshore bite has
picked up this last week We even
caught a few Yellowfin tuna, and
Sailfish inshore on the south side
of the bay which does not happen
very often. The most consistent
bite inshore has been Bonitos and
Jack Crevalle.   La Corbetena is
producing a mixed batch of game
fish Big Dorado, Grouper and
Sailfish. The big Yellowfin Tuna
are still biting 80-110 miles
offshore and been biting live
goggle eyes and skip jack baits
drifting   check out more photos
with link below
Puerto Vallarta fishing pics June
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Offshore fishing at the bank has
exploded with Yellowfin tuna
averaging 60-80 lbs in great
numbers boiling in huge schools
and has been an all day bite. The
Team also caught the 1st blue
Marlin of the season Wednesday
at La Corbetena just over 300 lbs.
el morro has been producing
Sailfish, jack crevalle, and mahi
mahi and inshore off the point
also mahi mahi and bonito's
contact us for more fishing
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Cow Yellowfin Tuna over 300 lbs!
The Summer is officially here the
weather has been heating up and
so has La Corbetena and el
Banco with those big game fish
Puerto Vallarta is Known for
captain Steve Torres boated the
first Blue Marlin of the season
aboard the Ana Maria at El Banco
and Captain Cesar Perez landed
a Monster 300+ LB Yellowfin Tuna
at Corbetena both fishing spots
have also been red hot with
Sailfish and Dorado. Corbetena
has also been producing some
big  red Snappers. The Cow
Yellowfin Tuna have been biting
live bait Skip jacks and live goggle
eye the blue Marlin bit a live skip
Jack.  The Sailfish have been
biting a variety of bait dead live
and also lures slow trolling. inside
banderas bay we have been
catching smaller Dorado/ Mahi
Mahi. Smaller tuna, Jack Crevalle,
also on the south side of the bay
has been a few Sailfish on lucky
days check  out more   
Vallarta fishing photos in July
Team Ana Maria win 1st place
MArlin and Tuna Tournament in
Puerto Vallarta Mexico August
10 2013.
We had a great time this last weekend
even though no one caught any Tuna
or Dorado I think every boat caught a
Marlin at El Banco. Day 1 We
departed from paradise village at 7am
and reached the bank a little after
9am. The team caught live bait and
We started trolling the fishing was very
slow for us all day just a small Sailfish
nibble in the morning.  A little after
3pm  We had our first Marlin strike
then another and just like that We had
a double hook up. But since it was
already after 3 pm and We needed to
be back at the dock by 6 pm
Puerto Vallarta Marlin
tournament report with video
PV Sportfishing
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
October 2013
Just like any other October the
Puerto Vallarta fishing has been
red hot unless You are looking for
Tuna then it has been a bit of an
off season but I'm sure they will be
biting again soon everything else
is out there in big numbers Blue
and Black Marlin, Sailfish,
Dorado/ Mahi mahi, and Wahoo.
The Marlin have been biting at El
Banco and La Corbetena and
Dorado are biting inshore and
offshore. Inshore the average size
Dorado has been between 5-15
lbs offshore between 15-50 lbs.
The Marlins have been averaging
200-500 lbs
Read more of this
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
see more fish photos and video
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
November 2013

We have been catching alot of
Billfish, Dorado, Wahoo, Grouper
and a few Tuna fishing offshore
this last week in Puerto Vallarta.
Every day was a little different
finding where the better Billfish
bite would be La Corbetena or the
Bank.  We had 2 great days on
the Ana Maria 2 last week 1 day
fishing at Corbetena would was
hot with 3 Sailfish the next day 2
blue Marlin at the Bank. The Marlin
have been biting live bait also
Lures mid speed trolling.
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Puerto Vallarta fishing Report
December 2013.
The Billfish season is still in full swing
this last week which is not typical for
mid December this is the time of year
when the water starts to cool down
and We start to see more winter fish
like striped Marlin and Roosterfish.
but the blue Marlin and Sailfish are
still red hot biting north of Corbetena
36 miles offshore from the Marina
Vallarta. El Banco has also started to
pick up this last week with Yellowfin
Tuna at 55 mile marker averaging
40-80 lbs We have also been
catching big Mahi mahi and Blue
Marlin at Bank as well. The Cow
Yellowfin Tuna are still out there but
if you want to hook a big Yellowfin
tuna over 100 lbs the only bite has
been over 120 miles offshore which
is a 2.5 charter only for serious
anglers. But as you can see from the
photos if your looking for a trophy
Yellowfin Tuna they are out there in
great numbers but not it's not going
to be your typically every day charter
this is for big time anglers not afraid
to stay overnight offshore. Inside the
Banderas bay has also been
showing alot of life lately with Jack
Crevalle. Bonitos, and Needle fish on
4-6 hour charters and north off the
point of Punta de Mita We are
starting to see Roosterfish as well as
a few Sailfish last week biting live and
dead baits trolling at mid speeds.  
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Vallarta fishing photos here
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Team Ana Maria started off the
343 lb Yellowfin Tuna aboard the
Ana Maria 2 trolling with live bait.  
Since then the Yellowfin Tuna
fishing stayed hot offshore but
way offshore 80-120 miles so far
this year We have only found
these  type of Cow's on overnight
Team Ana Maria started off the
fishing Charters.   We also have
seen a few  60-160 lbs Yellowfin
Yellowfin seen a Tuna outside of
el banco about 60 miles from the
Marina Vallarta which you can do
in a 12 to 14 hour Charters.  36
miles offshore El Corbetena has
been producing Mahi Mahi/
Dorado and Sailfish and We
caught the first Striped Marlin of
the season last week as well at
Corbetena on a 10 hour fishing
charter  aboard the Ana Maria 2.  
The Marlin struck a Black Bart
lure while slow trolling.  Shorter
charters Inside Puerto Vallarta's
Banderas Bay has been very
slow this last week on 4 and 6
hour day's We only caught a few
Bonitas and Jack Cravelle off the
point has picked up this last week
on 8 hour charters We have
caught a couple big Roosterfish
in 15-40 lbs range with live bait
and also lots of Jack Crevalle   
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
February 2014
the offshore fishing has picked up
this last week We have been
seeing more and more Striped
Marlin averaging 70-120 lbs as
well as smaller Yellowfin Tuna
between 20-60 lbs biting outside
of el banco about 10 miles north
of the islands. bigger Yellowfin
Tuna are still hot but have not
come in any closer you still need
a over night charter 80 -120 miles
offshore to catch cow Yellowfin
tuna over 200 lbs. 36 miles
offshore at La Corbetena has
been producing big Mahi mahi
20-50 lbs and closer in off the
point and el morro 22 miles
offshore is where we have been
seeing the most action lots of
roosterfish captain Freddy caught
1 last week over 50 lbs. inside
Banderas bay there has been the
normal smaller action Jack
Crevalle, Bonitos,  
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
February 2014
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
March 2014
it has been a great month of
fishing there is a big variety of
game fish to be caught right now
Jack Crevalle, Amber jack,
Mackeral, Bonitos, Roosterfish,
African Pompano,  Mahi Mahi,
Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and
Striped Marlin. Right now All of
these Game fish are available to
be caught here in Puerto Vallarta
it just depends on which fishing
ground you choose to go to
inside the bay, off the point of
Punta de mita, el morro, La
Corbetena, el banco or way
offshore on over night charters
80-120 miles out.  
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
March 2014 here
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
April 2104
We had another epic 2.5 Charter
aboard the Ana Maria fishing
April 2nd and 3rd 120 miles
offshore Puerto Vallarta.  We
caught 7 Yellowfin Tuna in total all
in the 100-250 lb range. We left
the Marina Vallarta around 7pm
on the 1st and Made it out past
the 3rd island by about 5am on
the 2nd.  The 1st morning was
slow all We caught was 1 striped
Marlin until about 4pm When we
finally had our first  Yellowfin Tuna
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
May 2014
The weather is heating up and that
means it is the start of the Billfish  
season and Marlin fishing
Tournaments in Puerto Vallarta.  
Captain Freddy went out on a 10
hour day last Tuesday the 13th and
caught the first Black Marlin of the
Puerto Vallarta fishing Season after
releasing the the big fish captain
Freddy said it was about 500 lbs, He
caught the Black Marlin trolling back
from el banco about 20 miles off the
point of punta de mita in open water
with a Black bart lure. Sailfish have
started biting off the point of punta
de mita  
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report  
June 2014
well it has been a pretty good
start for Billfish season nothing to
big yet the biggest Blue Marlin
reported was under 300 lbs but it
is just the start of Marlin season
and We predict We will start
seeing some marlin over 500 lbs
in the next couple weeks. The
best bite has been at the rock La
Corbetena Blue Marlin, Sailfish,
Dorado, and a few smaller
Yellowfin Tuna. The big Yellowfin
Tuna bite remains consistent
100+ miles offshore on over night
charters with Yellowfin Tuna
averaging 100-250 lbs.  The bay
fishing has been off and on We
had 1 week where were catching  
Sailfish inside the bay which is a
great treat but don't count on it
lasting to long the most
consistent bite inside the bay has
been smaller Dorado
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
June 2014
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Hot Marlin and Tuna Bite
Blue and Black Marlin Season is
starting we caught a nice Blue
last week around 300+ also
released 3  Black Marlins at El
banco  Both the Black and Blue
Marlins bit live bonita trolling.
The Tuna fishing has been epic
inside and outisde of the bay,  
inside the tuna bite has been
early morning. and late afternoon
nice football size 10-30 lbs also
lots of jacks around right now.
outside at el banco and
corbetena the bigger 50-100 lb
Tuna's are boiling it get much
better then this.
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
July 2014

Team Ana Maria does it again
taking home 1st place Marlin
again at the 8th international
Marlin and Tuna  tournament
July 19th 2014
this time with a
480 lb blue Marlin caught at el
banco with live bait.
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report July